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There are two main reasons why your router’s firmware needs to be updated. Firmware is just a fancy term for the software that comes with the router when you buy it. It’s installed on the router hardware itself, and you’re not allowed to change any of its settings.

  • If you wish to enable IPv6 for the desired network, execute this command.
  • In the router’s Web-based setup page, click on the “Security” tab at the top.
  • It’s that one device that acts as your gatekeeper for all the data going in and out of your home.

For simple devices such as remote controls, the firmware works continuously as there is no software to replace it. In more complex devices, such as computers, multiple firmware sets interact to achieve a common goal, such as loading their operating systems. For instance, an update might break the proper functioning of Wi-Fi on your phone. Fortunately, such issues are fixed quickly with incremental updates. So a software update will fix issues related to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, permissions, and more. Such changes are usually hidden, and you will not notice them unless you face an issue that triggers those problems.

What are Windows 11 system requirements?

After the restart prompt appears, shutdown and boot into recovery mode again. With SIP disabled, it’s safe to proceed to the next step in this tutorial. The goal in this article is to acquire a target’s .plist file which contains their hashed password. Then, using a Python script to convert the .plist file into a format Hashcat can interpret, it’s brute-forced it to reveal the password. The simplest method for performing this attack requires physical access to the target MacBook, recovery mode, a USB flash drive, http://rauhanyhdistys.fi/salonpaa/2023/02/12/how-often-should-firmware-be-updated another MacBook, and Hashcat.

I personally have not had to many wifi issues and if I do simple disconnecting the device effected and reconnecting fixes my issue. ASUSWRT is a fully-featured user interface with intuitive wizards and robust functionality. From managing and monitoring traffic to setting security preferences to device & multimedia sharing, ASUSWRT has it all. Skip the hassle of setting up your Wi-Fi from scratch.

Your device will also run faster and you will notice battery improvements. Also, the OS developers update the security of your phone. Updates bring new features to older phones without changing the handset. So with the same hardware capabilities, you will be able to use new features.


If you set a firmware password mind that os x lets you set it using whatever keyboard layout is used by you but the firmware password lock itself uses the u.s. extended keyboard layout. The extent of the protection should be – IF your computer is stolen – F-ing REPORT IT STOLEN! If I call Apple and the computer I bought on Craigslist hasn’t been reported stolen then unlock it for me! Hell, charge me, fingerprint me, background check me, make me wait a grace period. But to say “Sorry, for security purposes, we don’t unlock firmware locks for anyone other than the original purchaser with receipt.” Is close minded. Find a solution for this Apple to protect your customers.

Last Update – Date of the last update made on the router. Last Updated – Date of the last update made on the router. A forum for the discussion of Charter’s Spectrum service. You can post for technical support, advice, or just to vent. Once a device is certified for use it’s added to the Approved Devices list. From what I have read, it seems that Spectrum is in control of what firmware we get on our modems.